I have been praying, and now the Lord has given me the opportunity to share this vision with you. Would you please pray with me and consider giving towards this new well machine? Just imagine the GOOD news that is shared when good water is supplied through a new or repaired well! It is a picture of what Christ does as He restores our soul!

Well Drilling

    It will take many people to help us raise money for a machine that can drill efficiently. We are starting our fourth year of drought here in Haiti. Many wells and water sources have dried up, from our compound all the way to the far areas of the country, making people walk even further...  sometimes impossible distances. The need for drilling deeper wells and drilling in areas where wells don't currently exist is staggering. So many are drinking from unclean water sources, making them sick with disease and cholera. It is also affecting the animals, which are a source of income for many.

“I have been praying about this for 3 years but the enemy keeps whispering in my ear. . . ‘You can't do this... people will stop supporting you if you ask to raise this much money.’  But now we MUST prove the enemy wrong! This is a GOD sized task. But God commanded us to care for the least of these and this is doing so on the most basic of areas. Doesn't everyone deserve safe, clean water?”

     I have been blessed for 3 years to borrow a well machine from another organization. But much of the time it was in use, or broken. This rig has been in Haiti for 37 years. We spend as much time repairing it and waiting on parts as drilling. But now it isn't available at all. It has been such a blessing that they have allowed me to use this rig to drill around 20 good wells  when they weren't needing it. But just think how much more could be done with a dependable rig that is available as needed!  We are hoping to purchase one like the one pictured below. It is the same rig we have been using only MUCH newer!

For our printable flyer, and to help us raise funds, please CLICK HERE.