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Granmoun Feeding Program

The Granmoun program feeds the elderly in the TiTanyen area. Granmoun, (pronounced gra-moon) is the Creole word for an elderly person. Every week, 62 widows and widowers come and get  rice, beans, oil, noodles, spices, and vitamins. Enough food for the week. These people would otherwise not be able to provide food for themselves, because there is no one to care for them, and no nursing homes here. As it is in all of our ministries, the gospel is shared with these people each week. 

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Granmoun?

The cost to sponsor one Granmoun is $120 per three months. Sponsorships are also payable every six months ($240)  or twelve months ($480).

100% of your tax deductible sponsorship goes toward this feeding program. 

Please make checks payable to Global Outreach.

How Will I Know Which Granmoun I Sponsor?

You may choose a granmoun from the photos below, or Renee McKinney, our Granmoun coordinator, will connect you with a man or woman from our village and send you the picture and personal information about your Granmoun.

Ok... Now what?

If you would like to sponsor a Granmoun, please contact Renee in one of these ways:


Phone: (850)624-2822


Send your tax-deductible check, payable to Global Outreach, with the code 4397 written in the memo line. Mail the check to:

Global Outreach International 


Tupelo, MS 38801


​Click on the Donate tab above for ACH/Bank Draft or credit / debit options. Make sure you specify in the "add instructions to the finance office" that you are donating to account 4397.


To choose a granmoun to sponsor, (see photos below to choose one) contact Renee McKinney at the following phone number: (850)624-2822 or email:

Don't forget! The most important thing you can do is to pray faithfully for your Granmoun.