Global Outreach

    Global Outreach exists to form a family of career missionaries, short-term volunteers, support personnel, and partners united to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, undergrid the international indigenous church, and offer help to a hurting humanity.

    Global Outreach was organized in 1970 by a group of Christian lay people who had become involved in several community development projects. The primary purpose of Global was to facilitate United States volunteers as they contributed goods and services to strengthen established  missionary efforts. Its scope would soon broaden.

    There arose in Global Outreach a group of dedicated volunteers and faithful supporters who helped to shape, motivate, and fund it furture development. Under the leadership of Dr. and Mrs. Sammy Simpson and Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Hancock, Global took on an organizational shape that propelled it towards the impacting international organization it is today. A deep debt of gratitude is owed to these Global pioneers. 

    The organization grew so fast that two staff members were employed in early 1976. Their responsibilities were to coordinate development projects, lead assistance to missionaries, and facilitate volunteer involvement in the States and in developing countries. In 1981 Global Outreach transitioned into a missionary sending agency, with its first full-time missionaries being approved that year. Since that time Global Outreach has continued to see phenomenal growth, today ministering in nearly 40 countries with more than 200 missionaries serving worldwide.

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